Coaching Services

I provide personal and business coaching services in Wellington, to individuals and business owners who are motivated and prepared to reclaim time for themselves so that they can re-discover their personal power, authenticity, unique purpose, freedom and their potential for unlimited prosperity, happiness and success.

Contact me to discuss your situation and how I can help you realise your true personal and business potential.

I offer a free one hour, no-obligation trial coaching session which will enable you to experience first-hand what coaching has to offer you.

Why Coaching?

When you commit to coaching with me you are in effect making a commitment that you want to take your personal life and/or business to the next higher level. To achieve this forward momentum there is one simple requirement: BE PREPARED TO CHANGE. Change what you have habitually always done.

To achieve this new high level you will need to access a new higher level of thinking because –

You will not find a solution to your problem at the same level of thought that created the problem in the first place”

Albert Einstein

My coaching programmes are designed to take you to newer higher levels of reflective thinking and action through:

  • ensuring that you do actually take time to work on yourself and/or your business;
  • being a catalyst for encouraging change and growth at both a personal and entrepreneurial level;
  • promoting accountability and making sure you do what you say you are going to do;
  • challenging your preconceptions about life and business;
  • providing objective and constructive feedback;
  • helping you identify your core personal values and beliefs;
  • helping you to identify habits that may be holding you back from the success you deserve;
  • creating vibrant and inspirational personal and business visions;
  • strategic planning and goal setting;
  • sharing my extensive coaching and market based experience with you and supporting you throughout your journey towards the attainment of your personal and business goals and objectives.


My coaching services can offer you access to my unique experience and skills. This will assist you in:

  • Ensuring that all learning is put into practice;
  • You get clear on where you are headed;
  • Plans are put in place;
  • Action is taken towards stated goals every day;
  • Expert guidance and support is given;
  • Constructive feedback is provided; and
  • Accountability is demanded.

My coaching programmes are designed to encourage and develop learning and the integration of new habits that will support you in pursuing your newly developed and inspiring personal and business visions.

As your coach I will:

  •  Listen to you;
  • Challenge you;
  • Help you find your own solutions;
  • Offer you constructive feedback;
  • Help you clarify your dreams;
  • Make you accountable;
  • Support and encourage you;
  • Share my knowledge and experience with you.

How long does coaching take?

My coaching engagements are structured to suit each client’s particular needs and requirements. Typically coaching will be for a minimum period of 3 months, the least amount of time required it will generally take to achieve significant results and up to a maximum of one year.

I will generally meet with clients for a minimum of 2 times a month in person. These meetings take on an average between 40 and 60 minutes each. In addition to these meetings I provide unlimited phone and email support to you.

I also other flexible coaching arrangements to suit your personal circumstances. Please feel free to enquire about these cost effective arrangements. My coaching programmes are tailored made to suit you and unlike other coaching programmes on the market are very affordable.


I give you my guarantee that if you are not satisfied that you have received value from any coaching session with me then that session is free.