Escape From the Planet of FEAR

This is part of an ongoing series of articles on business and life coaching by Hutt Valley lawyer and coach, John Gray. You can find his first book, “Who’s Following This Conversation?” on


We are all today afflicted by a very serious and highly contagious mental dis-ease which keeps us imprisoned, isolated and destined to keep making the same mistakes which have resulted in the many faceted crises facing us all today at both a global and interpersonal level. It is a dis-ease which is fostered and nurtured by our societies that have been constructed by a ruling elite hungry for more and more power and control.

The dis-ease I am talking about here is – FEAR.

This dis-ease is indoctrinated into us at a very young age and is nourished throughout our juvenile and adult lives. We have been brainwashed to believe that the world is not a safe place and that we are separate and alone. We have been bombarded by our politicians, educationalists, clergy and jurists with misinformation designed to lead us away from the real TRUTH and to keep us enslaved and focussed on survival. False Evidence Appearing Real has become the tried and tested philosophy used to prevent us from discovering our One True Reality that we are all aspects of the One Divine Creation and as such are always connected, safe and loved.

We are constantly reminded when we open a newspaper or turn on a television set about how unsafe we all are -the top articles and news items are without exception about violent acts, murder, disasters and a multitude of other abhorrent acts. It’s little wonder we are reluctant to lower of our defences and show our vulnerability. We exhibit the side-effects of the dis-ease of fear through being highly competitive, reactive, possessive and narcissistic. We have become so scared of life that we tremble at the sight of our own shadows and continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated. We have become prisoners in our own uniquely warped versions of reality which we protect with our lives.

The good news though is that there is an antidote to this disease which has become a malignant cancer on the face of humanity. That antidote is the LOVE DRUG! Fear is illusory and its darkness dissipates in the bright light of love. Fear only gains a foothold in the absence of love it can never replace love which is the ultimate reality.

 escape from the planet of fear