Mastering Time: Organisational Management Programmes

If there’s one thing that we all find in short supply, it’s time. How often we wish there were more hours in the day, more time to do the things we love to do or the things we need to do.

Learning how to manage your time effectively is one of the most essential skills you can develop in business.

I can teach you, or your staff, how to manage time more efficiently and this could have a significant flow-on effect on every area of your life.


  • Eliminate time stress
  • Get practical ideas
  • Create balance between your work life and your personal life
  • Increase your productivity
  • Increase your satisfaction


  • Stage 1: Efficiency through maximising resources. Doing things right.
  • Stage 2: Effectiveness through focusing on what produces the greatest impact.
  • Stage 3: Satisfaction through getting more out of work.


  1. Self analysis
  2. Work on what counts
  3. Delegate effectively
  4. Plan your life
  5. Plan your work
  6. Work on your plan: control interruptions
  7. Manage the phone
  8. Use the best email practices
  9. Communicate effectively in the office and with clients
  10. Eliminate time waste in meetings
  11. Pause for perspective, creativity and well-being
  12. Get in control and stay in control of your work
  13. Get and stay organised
  14. Handle anxiety, incompletion and procrastination
  15. Stop procrastinating


Take action: decisions
Change your attitude
Take action: possibilities

relaxed, smiling man