Personal Coaching for Teens

From “Grunt to Greatness” (“GTG”) a youth development coaching programme

It is apparent that many of our young people today are lacking self-respect and confidence in themselves. They have not been prepared for a life outside of the education system and many lack a specific career direction.

In my opinion the current education system has failed miserably in preparing our young people to lead successful and meaningful lives. Many young New Zealanders lack the necessary life skills that will enable them to not only gain a better understanding of themselves as individuals but also of life in general. Often these young people do not have the support and mentoring required from their parents or wider Whanau. There is little wonder that our prison system is overflowing and the cost of criminal offending has become as serious burden for the country.

I am a father of 4 children and am fully aware of the responsibility and challenge that all parents face in raising their children to the best of their ability.

This programme will teach and encourage young people to fulfil their potential and to live satisfying and productive lives. I am committed to sharing my knowledge, skill and experience with our young people in the knowledge that the future of our beautiful country and planet earth will rest in their capable hands.

The GTG programme focuses on engaging students in a guided but self-directed twelve step course that covers:

  1. Life insights and understanding of the 7 significant areas of life;
  2. Defining their values hierarchy in each area;
  3. Defining their purpose and creating a vision for that;
  4. Setting goals in alignment with their vision;
  5. Creating what you most want in life and developing supportive daily habits;
  6. Developing self-awareness;
  7. Developing emotional maturity;
  8. Facing fears;
  9. Developing Integrity and self-respect;
  10. The art of communication;
  11. Facing challenges;
  12. Giving back.