Personal Coaching

Why Personal Coaching?

Personal coaching is an on-going professional relationship that assists individuals in achieving extraordinary results in all areas of their lives – whether that be in their relationships, careers, health, creating more time for themselves, earning more money or simply following their dreams.

The purpose of personal coaching is to encourage and support clients in creating lives that they love, through:

  • Knowledge and understanding (wisdom);
  • Awareness (aware consciousness);
  • Learning to be less reactive (more response-able);
  • Exercising creative control in their lives (through choice);
  • Getting in touch with their purpose and passion, their dreams and their hopes;
  • Learning to overcome their fears and doubts;
  • Taking positive steps and setting goals to get what they desire.

“You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help them to find it within themelves” – Galileo

Personal Coaching is a systematic process of self-empowerment through which individuals develop an understanding and an awareness of their true creative potential – to create the life they love.

Most will agree that life today has become so frenetic that we seem to have lost ourselves somewhere along the way. How many of us take time to think about our lives, where we are at and what we want for ourselves? It is almost as though we have become so overwhelmed with the process of living that we have forgotten what life is all about – happiness, joy, fulfilment, passion, purpose, love, peace, prosperity………

Personal Coaching is an opportunity to take ‘time out’ to reassess the direction of your life and to acquire knowledge, learn strategies and to develop tools that will support the choices you make – life is not a voyage of discovery but a process of creation! Personal Coaching encourages and supports you in making you own choices and finding your own solutions to challenges.