The Designer Gene Debate

Modern world thinking has in the last Century at least been influenced by the predominant belief that our lives are controlled by our DNA. Afterall why wouldn’t we believe this – this is the dogma that we have had drummed into us at school! We have been programmed to believe that our physiology has been so engineered that we are little more than flesh and bone “robots”.

As this belief has gained such a foothold in our psyches we regard our talents and even our disabilities as the consequences of our inherited gene codes. The natural extension of this belief is that we are the victims of our own heredity. This has resulted in the global epidemic characterised by a lack of self-responsibility both as individuals and as a civilization. This is not surprising if we believe ourselves to be at the mercy of our gene pool!

We live our lives in fear that one day our own bodies are going to turn on us. That we will wake up to discover that our parents disabilities have been visited upon us also. We are bombarded by the media with constant reminders about our physical frailties and the saving graces of prescription pharmaceuticals. Science has taught us to believe that all manner of bad stuff is a result of second hand genetics.

The conclusion we have been sucked into accepting as true is that we are powerless in the face of such programming! This has led to our taking no responsibility for our own actions. When we over indulged in food, psychotropic and other chemical substances, poor behaviour generated by lazy thinking and any other manner of “quick fix” distractions from our pain and suffering we are abdicating responsibility for our lives and it is therefore easy to blame our parents, our schools, our friends and the world in general for our less than desirable situations. However it doesn’t have to be like this.

Advances in research into physics and biology now show that we are not so much at the mercy of our genes but that our bodies are significantly more influenced by our perceptions of our environments. It is these perceptions whether they be objectively right or wrong that at a cellular level impact on the behaviour of our genes. This means that what we keep in mind at a conscious and subconscious level determines the quality of our health and our lives generally and it is our subconscious beliefs which create our habits and which in turn create our destiny.